Study abroad

As you can choose to go abroad, why not go abroad and make a difference? In class, we were told to write about to of the programs ( ), one volunteer program and one school program.

The volunteer program I choose was FurKidz that is a Non-Profit-Organization that want to help animals from Animal Shelters from across South Africa and find them a new home. FurKidz have made it easy to adopt animals from the Animal Shelters by making an searchable database to rescue pets. What this Organization wants the volunteers to do is to  visit shelter and take pictures and film, write pet profiles and upload information and post events and general news.


As an animal-lover, there is no better job than helping animals and make a bright future for them. South Africa is a beautiful place to be located as well. South Africa has heavenly beaches, amazing wildlife and an extraordinary nature landscape. It is the home of 44.6 million people of all origins. The country has 11 official languages! And it is not abnormal to know at least 6 of them for the people who lives there. The inhabitants of most of the places in South Africa is very charming and very friendly. They love music and there are often to be discovered woman dancing and young men rapping on the streets. They also has a special dance called gumboot-dance where they dance with large boots made of plastic and they make music out of moving their feet with their boots on it. It was originally a dance made of the miners when there were bored.

Anyway.. South Africa is such a great place to be located. And working with animals on top of being in such a cool place, that would just be heaven.

We were asked to choose one school program swell for this assignment. And I chose the BLI course in Canada where you can learn english as a second language. This course is very handy to have for future jobs and it looks really good on job applications. BLI offers unique English courses in Canada, Montreal. They offer all kind of options that one can choose from that will fit the benefits of ones interests and academic or professional goals.


The course covers all four skills that are reading, writing, speaking and listening. They also learn the students grammar og vocabulary. Since the school is located in Canada, the students are surrounded by language. In the store, in the neighborhood and everywhere. The approach is very communicative and the classes are designed to be dynamic and engaging for the students.

There are many bad experiences with go abroad, even though there are many good as well. When you are going abroad, you are going to a totally different place and you are living there for a while. With being away from home, people are met with new cultures and new laws, both written and unwritten norms. A completely different culture can be both negative and positive. Personally I think that depends on the person, if you should go abroad or not. If a person is very quiet and does not like to socialize, I would recommending staying at home or go to a place closer to everything known. Another factor that could make the trip less perfect is the place one goes to visit. If the place is either shady or is a criminal meeting spot, it is not recommended. Research about the city where either the school program or the volunteer program is located, should have been done. And listening to experience from others is never a bad idea.



English – same language with big differences

English is a lingua franka and is spoken by languages located all over the world. English is an official language in 67 countries and approximately there are 400 million native speakers in the world. But there are about 600 million – 700 million people who speaks english as a foreign language. So approximately 1.5 billion people can communicate in english. And all those people are spread across nations and are located all over the planet. My starting point will be the south african accent, the heavy births accent and the latino english, also known as spanglish

The South African accent is to be found among all ages in South Africa. The teenagers would use a more slang or street  version of the english language and the elders would perhaps use a more polite or formal way of spreading a message. The use of words and the accent also depend on way type of area you live in. In the townships, that are very common to be found in South Africa and especially in Cape Town, the street language is more common than in the upper area in the heart in Franschhoek. In South Africa there are 11 official languages and it is not abnormal to speak at least 5 or 6 of them, so it is no wonder they have an accent.


Another interesting way of speaking english is the heavy british dialect were you cut out some of the letters in the word. For instance instead for saying “british” they say “brih-´ish”. It is like they replace the r with a “uh”. Neither are they rolling their Rs and sometimes they just avoid the Ts and ignore them. It sounds like they are swallowing half of the letters in their sentences and it is very stereotypical of them always talking about bad weather and beer, haha 🙂  A part from swallowing their letters, they are also putting a pleasure on their consonants words. The UK is probably the most dialect obsessed nation in the world and there is no wonder why there are so many different dialects since they love them so much. It is even a trend in the US among the young inhabitants to try to speak with a British accent.

Spanglish is as well a common way to recognize a spanish person on vacation. Is is a way of speaking that is typical for the spanish people. And what is stereotypical for spanglish is a spanish woman talking a mix between spanish and english while wearing colorful clothes and with big hair. What is typical for spanglish is also to hear some spanish words while the person speaks english. For instance an spanglish speaking person would say something like”conjelo con take it easy” witch is a phrase that means chill out or relax. Other examples are “hamburger” witch is hamburger and “conflei” witch is cornflakes.


Gran Torino

In class, we were to write about the movie we saw, called Gran Torino. The movie was exiting, catchy and sad. We were asked to use five of the questions that are to be found at this page: . I chose following questions to answer in the

  • At the start of the movie, Walt is seen at his wife’s funeral. What impression does he have of his son’s family from these scenes?
  • Walt locks Thao up. Why does he do this? Was locking him up the right thing to do? Have you ever tried to protect someone from themselves?
  • At the end of the movie, Walt sacrifices himself for Thao’s family and the neighborhood. Was there any other way to get the same result? Why did Walt do what he did? Would he have done the same for his family? What makes or allows a person to make such a sacrifice for someone else?
  • Walt tells Thao towards the end of the movie that “I finish things. That’s what I do”. Talk about the importance of this statement in regards to how the lm ends. What could be said about you?
  • Towards the end of the movie, the gang shoots up the Lor’s home and attacks Sue. Thao wants immediate revenge but Walt says they must wait. How would you react if something like this happened to your family? Have you ever wanted revenge? How did you deal with the feelings?


The movie opens up with Walt being in his wife’s funeral. He grunts as he always does and look more angry than sad. The film shows very clearly that Walt is not happy with his sons families and especially not his granddaughter Ashley that smokes in his garage and wants inherit his car to show off at collage. She also showed up at his wife’s funeral in a crop top, which he disliked very much. Further on in the movie,when he speaks to the priest about his mistakes, he says that he hadn’t had much contact with his boys in the past years and that shows that he may have regret it. At least the movie showed in impression of regret and remorse from Walt.




Fake news

We have learned about fake news and how they affect people. Fake news does not only makes the reader loose faith in the webpage/newspaper it is published in but also makes the reader question the article and maybe even believe it. In this blogpost I will inform you about how fake news can be spotted and also why they are made.

Fake news ar made for many reasons. In many cases, fake news are made to put a person or a firm in a bad lighting. The fake news are often made to either damage their integrity or lower their reputation. Fake news are also made to give fame or status to the publisher. When fake news occur, people often loose their minds of they belive it. Imagen reading about Barack Obama faking his friendship with Joe Biden. That would really shock a lot of people and put Barack Obama in a bad situation, even though it is a fake news. In 2016, the rolling stones were said to have raped some on campus. The article were written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely and she accused The Rolling Stones on having an sexual assault on the campus of the University of Virginia. That fake article made The Rolling Stones loose an incredible big number of fans and even made then sure the creator of the fake rumor. It made The Rolling Stones look incredible bad. That article would give a high amount of credit to the publisher if people were to belive the news that were untrue. After Rolling Stones were in court, the judge were to prove that the article were untrue and fake. (source: )


Fake news are untrue rumors about a person, a happening or a firm, that are spread over the internett or in newspapers. Untrue rumors that are spread and shared are not always easy to discover. But there are ways to see if the article is untrue or if it does not coapertive  with the truth.

One way to spot a fake news is to look at the publisher. Is this source relatable and can you trust it? If you have heard of the publisher before and they seam trustable, look at the article or the headline. If it is a crazy headline that describes a situation that could never happen, it is un reliable and most likely to be untrue. For instance “Donald Trump is sleeping with Hillary Clinton” that were an article right after the U.S. election.

Another way to spot fake news is to see if there are any similar news that uses the same pictures or has the same contents. Big and popular news are often written several times by several people in the media and spread fast. And if it is a true statement, there are often several pieces of evidence to prove the news right. Since fake news often are made up, there will be no proof nor evidence of why the news are true.



Dear Donald Trump, the future president of the US who don´t believe in Global warming and climate change

”The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” said Donald J. Trump here on Twitter 6. November in 2012. First of all, climate change is real. Some might even say that it is more real at this present time of period, than ever before. According to Nasa, sea level has risen with 17 centimeters already because of climate change and it will rise even more if this continues. Some of the consequences of climate change are hurricanes that will be more intense and stronger than ever before, ice melting, temperature that will just continue to rise, many species will get instinct and heat waves will occur

Bilderesultat for climate change

Secondly… how come people say that we have bigger issues than climate change? As hunger, poverty or terror? Hunger, poverty and terror are caused by humans. If climate change continues as it does now and we do not do anything to prevent it, then it is not curtain if there will be any more humans after our grandchildren. We have to think about the people coming after us! This is our number one issues because the entire human race will get instinct in some years if we don´t act now! We need the earth to live, but the earth do not need us in any way.

Climate change is proven and it is very real. You might not feel it on your body where you are now, but there are people in the world who feel the climate change on their body. Their crops are destroyed. Their houses are under water and their sons and daughters are drowning. So here is my question: how can a man, who have never felt hunger nor tried drowning, say that climate change is unreal?

Bilderesultat for climate change

What is a sustainable future? Is it a future where we are destroying everything around us and we have to move to Mars because we destroyed the beautiful word we were given? There is no doubt that we have to take care of our Earth and we have to start acting now! If we do not do that.. there will simply not be human kind left



“The good lie”: two completely different worlds

Discuss the challenges of living in a foreign culture. Include points from your discussions

We have seen the movie ”The good lie” in class. The film shows how luck and hard work can get you far, all the way from Sudan to Kansas city. But with that great opportunity of moving from lions, war and terror, they moved to a completely different, high-tech word which they new so little about. They had to adjust to this new and unknown world over night. As we all can imagen, that must be very tough.

One of the challenges they met by moving to a foreign country is adjusting to the country and learning the norms of the society. For instance when Mamere just walked straight into Carrie´s house without knocking nor calling first. And later on he also walked into the man with the cows´ farm to see the cows there. As shown in the film, the man with the cows had a rifle and if he hadn´t recognized Mamere, he could have shot him. But he brought some of his own norms from Sudan to Kansas as well. Like holding his brothers hands while walking towards the cows at their first meeting with the cows. Or bringing oranges to Carrie while “breaking into” her house. And those scenes shows us some of the norms from their former home


Bilderesultat for a good lie

Another challenge of moving to a completely different world is missing home. In some weak moments, both Mamere, Paul and Jeremiah misses Sudan and how the good life there was. They had quite a change when the moved to the U.S. and perhaps they just missed the “easy” life when they had their family and before Daniel died and Theo was caught.

But on the other hand, in my opinion, it is better to adjust to a completely different but safe country than live in the known, which in this case was war. I also think that they adjusted very smoothly into the society in Kansas. They where, all three of them, hard working men and when they were reunited with Abital, all the pieces fell in place.

Bilderesultat for a good lie

The main actors in the film, were actual refugees and child soldiers which makes the message of the film even more powerful.

Media´s role in the US election 2016

Look at how the media portrays the two candidates and their spouses. How does the media influence the outcome of the election?

Donald J. Trump is getting a lot of negative coverage from a lot of the media, especially the most popular media that reaches most people for instance The New York times and USA today. There has been made a lot of parodies from the election where Trump`s worst moments are getting highlighted and excessive while Mrs. Clinton is portrayed as a clearly winner of the debate and her best comebacks to Mr. Trump is highlighted. But both of are pretty unpopular according to The Foxnews at the moment considering Trump´s highly impressing 70% negative rating while Mrs. Clinton pops up with 55%.

The media is everywhere and with us all the time, which means that it affects us to think and maybe vote differently but as the same time the media often just highlights the less fortunate moments of candidates and especially Mr. Trump. But as mentioned above, Clinton has a quite high negative rate. One big reason to this is hacked WikiLeaks that show 20 000 pages of emails. And after that people have started to question her Clinton Foundation

Bilderesultat for donald trump and hillary clinton

The debate of 2016 is mentioned almost everywhere, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tublr and even Snapchat. Even in Norway we hear a lot about the debate on social media and in the newspapers as well. The media has a huge power and reaches a gigant number of people who gets very affected by the information that is published.

It is not only the candidates themselves who is judged in the media, but also their close family and relatives. Donald Trump´s wife Melania Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump is the ones closest to Trump and therefore also is mentioned a lot in media. Donald Trump has expressed that he thinks his daughter is attractive in a sexual way and this has been a big topic in the news as well. Another big topic in Donald Trump´s family is when Melania Trump plagiarized the whole speech of Michelle Obama that was written by Michelle in 2008. As for Hillary Clinton her husband who is a former president of the United States, is accused to have raped suppressed several women, even though he have never been charged for it. There are also those who says that the candidates should not be judged for their families decisions

So is the media right? Is Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States?

Bilderesultat for usa flagg hd